About Me


I’m a Filipino born in Cebu City, Philippines, currently living in Singapore.

I’m in my mid to late thirties and married to a smart, patient, funny, and artistic guy who has similar interests as mine.

I love writing poetry and prose. I’ve published a poetry book as a vanity project, and I’m hoping to publish a fiction novel someday.

I’m an introvert who likes reading books, watching movies, playing video games, drinking coffee.

I’m kind of a minimalist who has a fondness for black clothing and things.

I mostly only purchase ebooks, and I die a little every time I see a physical book with a captivating cover.

I love Japan, anime, manga, and I know a little Japanese.

I’m still trying to find myself in terms of blogging. I’m trying to write a novel and read a lot of books, so that may be what I’ll be blogging about. I’ll also share poetry from time to time.

Professionally, I am a software engineer.

Thanks for reading! Now you know a bit about me, for whatever good it does you!